There is a variety of TV available in the market today. There is the traditional cable TV, satellite TV, and then the newer IPTVs and OTT TV (over-the-top).

making the right decision about the type of TV connection to make use can make all the differences in your viewing experience as well as expenses.

While choosing the proper TV connection for your home may seem like much work and waste of time since you can probably watch your favorite show or movie over any of the TV connection, it is always worth it in the end if you are careful enough to do your homework and go with the best TV connection. Usually, more options mean more power for the consumer & If you want more control over your viewing experience and are the ultimate decider on what to watch, and when to watch it, then you might want to understand the specifics of the various IPTV connection to make a decision.

IPTV vs. Cable TV: The basics of TV connection

There are just a few ways to play TV programs on your TV screen. This includes the broadcast method or streaming the desired content over the net.

The broadcast method is the traditional method utilized by cable and satellite TV. This method involves a central server that sends contents out to all the networks (broadcast) at the same time, and users connected to the network will receive the same kind of content simultaneously.

IPTV, on the other hand, utilizes your internet IP address to connect to a content server. The content server already has thousands of contents stored up, and all you have to do is to browse through these contents and select the ones that interest you. There are also live shows much the same way as you have it on cable TVs but comes with more other suitable options.


5 reasons why you should choose an IPTV over your cable TV

Content on demand

Content on-demand is one of the most attractive advantages of IPTV over cable or satellite TV. Some of the best IPTV services have thousands of videos lined up for users to enjoy as soon as they join the channel, unlike cable TV, which only allows you to watch the video that is currently running or wait for them to air it.

Video on demand is another attractive feature and a good reason why you might want to ditch your cable tv for an IPTV. The video-on-demand feature allows you to request specific videos that you cannot find on the network to be loaded onto the TV/Screen. This way, you can always watch your favorite movie without having to pay extra or look for them in the store.

Stable quality

One of the most promising features of Smart IPTV service is the stability of the connections once it is set up. IPTVs are not affected by weather or other problems such as noise, heat, or signal interference, which typically can disrupt the signals of cable TVs.

If you love stable quality and won’t want to be bothered whenever there’s a storm, you might want to consider opting for a smart IPTV service.

Channel quantity

The channel capacity of some of the best IPTV services is almost limitless. This makes IPTV ideal for those who love variety in their choice of entertainment. It is also ideal for hotels, hostels, and business, which receives hundreds of visitors as it will always have a channel to cater for their individual needs regardless of where they are coming from since IPTV is not geo-restricted.


A typical IPTV user end hardware is minimal and unsophisticated hardware. This means less trouble maintaining it and, at the same time, less worry over space. Sometimes all you’ll need to utilize your IPTV is your modem or a set-top box. This is a considerable advantage over cable or satellite tv, which often comes with bogus hardware.

Considerable cheaper

IPTV offers the best experience versus cable but at almost less than half the cost. Some of the best IPTV services will even give you a free trial period to test the services and only opt-in when you are satisfied with the channel and video collections.

IPTV is the future of tv entertainment. Opting in now rather than later will not only help you save the cost but give you a preview of the future of television.

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